SoNaFe 2024

Welcome to the SoNaFe 2024 presale

Ticket quota Requested # of tickets
2400 4461

Here you can read the important stuff:

  • The registration takes place in 4 steps. First you register your e-mail, you confirm, and then enter your desired amount of tickets.
  • The drawing will take place on the 15.06. and maybe your e-mail gets choosen from all participants.
  • In addition you can create groups. The member maximum in a group is 10. Everyone has exactly the same chance to win. No matter if you are in a group or not. But if one in a group gets his tickets everyone in the group will be choosen.
  • You need a valid ID to collect your tickets afterwards.
  • Tickets are paid for on collection. A ticket costs 14 euros.
  • If you enroll twice (or cheat in any other way) you won't get any tickets.
  • If you use this system you accept the privacy policy and terms an conditions (both only in German)

If you have any questions:

Your SoNaFe 2024-Team